Management Board



A. Director

i. To perform overall administration duty of Management including Planning, Organising, Staffing and directing.

ii. To report to the University Senate through the Vice Chancellor on the activities of the Centre

iii. To report to the World Bank through the Vice-Chancellor on the activities of the centre from time-time.

B. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (M&E)

i. He/She shall be a Senior and experienced Academic who shall carry out monitoring and Evaluation of Training & Research Activities and ensure maximum compliance with approved programme of the Centre

ii. He/She shall ensure compliance with ethical standard and research policy of the University. He/She shall report directly to the Deputy Director

C. Head, Finance

i. To be the overall Head of the procurement, budget implementation as auditing Unit in the Centre.

ii. He/She shall be in charge of all financial transactions and shall report directly to the centre Director

iii. He/She shall submit financial report from time to time to the Vice-Chancellor through the Director

D. Budget Implementation Officer

i To ensure Compliance with approved Budget and Report to the Head of Finance