Agriculture, Solution to Economic Downturn - CENTS Director

The Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (CENTS) in the University, Professor Adewale Dipeolu, has said that by according agriculture its pride of place, the nation’s economy was bound to move faster towards full recovery. Professor Dipeolu stated this during a courtesy visit by officials of SL 2000 Limited to the University.

According to the Don, for the country to attain impressive economic status, students should be taught basic and practical agriculture, in order to tackle the prevailing problems such as unemployment, adding that FUNAAB had all it takes to teach students integrated agriculture, which would bring about the inculcation of important skills into youths and empowering them to become successful entrepreneurs. He advised more people to go into agriculture, get adequate training and skills that would assist the nation to move away from over-dependence on oil.

Conducting the visitors round University facilities, Mr. Michael Jaiyeola of the Directorate of University Farms (DUFARMS), explained that the University had gone a long way in the area of integrated agriculture, stating that its students were now better positioned to be self-reliant and feed the nation. The tour took the team to the pineapple farm, snail farm, fishery, palm oil and other agricultural production companies on campus.

Mr. Goodluck Eminah, Project Manager of SL 2000 Limited, commended the University, saying members of the team saw more than they had expected and were convinced that FUNAAB truly had all it takes to teach, as well as inculcate the practical skills on its students. He disclosed that students within the ages of 18 to 28 would soon come from the Niger Delta states to acquire more knowledge on integrated agriculture for a period of about six months, after which they would be expected to go back and start using the skills acquired.

Similarly, the Project Consultant of SL 2000 Limited, Mr. Paul Kupoluyi, lauded the University while emphasising the need to always deal with professionals as the visit to FUNAAB had revealed, stating that the University had a lot of potentials and the professional skills to successfully train students on integrated agriculture, being a leading University of Agriculture in Nigeria, a feat he noted, would bring about improvement in the nation’s economy.