Study Strategies

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I am thrilled to discover that a lot of work had been done in the areas of teaching and learning in order to enhance students’ and lecturers' performance. In our recent research and discovery on learning and teaching process, we found out that some leading Universities had set the pace that we can follow. That is why I am usingTeaching at University of Nottingham as a case study this week and I will be glad if you can explore the links below and take time to watch videos and read study strategies that are peculiar to your field in terms of:


1.     Teaching Methods: Small group teaching

2.     Curriculum Design: Assessment & feedback

3.      Learning Issues: Learning styles / preferences

Meanwhile, Maryellen Weimer, PhD, recently confirmed that there are some people even in the academic community that cannot open their e-mails. Let us share from her experience as a Teaching Professor ‘Feeling Unable to Learn’. Hear her: "I’ve just had one of those in-your-face learning experiences. In fact, it was so unnerving that I’m not sure I can even write about it. It all started when I bought a new computer and, as a result, had to learn an entirely new e-mail system. Although, not an unusual or difficult situation for most college teachers, it turned into an absolutely awful experience for this learner. I haven’t felt such frustration, anger, and despair for a long time".  Read more


I am looking forward to having your feedbacks and comments on Maryellen's honest testimony.


Thank you.