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The establishment of the Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching (CISLT) by the University Management, led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole, has placed FUNAAB among the world-class Universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, University of Cape Town , South Africa, among others, which ensure that sound and quality learning and teaching are rooted in their academic life.

In our previous tips, we have informed you about our Centre. In general, Teaching and Learning Centres are independent academic units within Colleges and Universities that exist to provide support services for faculty, to help in teaching them on the need to improve their teaching methods as well as professional development. They may also provide learning support services for students and others, depending on the individual institution. These centres may have different kinds of names and nomenclatures, such as faculty development centres, teaching and learning centres, centres for teaching and learning, centres for teaching excellence, academic support centers and others. Read More

Let us examine what obtains at the Stanford University, as an example of an ideal situation using the following links, highlighting what we can imbibe and adopt into our University, and the nation at large:

1. About Stanford University Teaching & Learning Centre:


2. Promoting Active Learning:



3. Learning Resources:


4. Teaching/ Lecturing Resources:





5. Tomorrow's Professors:





I equally congratulate my colleagues in the University for their commitments in making deep teaching possible and also for the success recorded in the just-concluded 2013/2014 Second Semester lectures.

We always depend on your constructive comments and suggestions, to enable us build an enviable Centre for Learning and Teaching of repute in our University.

Looking forward to our next weekly tips on Learning Management System (LMS)!

Thank you.