Collaborative Teaching: Inviting Guest Lecturers to your classroom

Dear Content Contributor,


I want to use this medium to congratulate members of the FUNAAB Community on the successful completion of the 2013/2014 Academic Session. I wish all academic staff a blissful annual leave!

However, as we are preparing for the forthcoming 2014/2015 Academic Session, I will like us to reflect on the issue of collaborative teaching,  as proposed by Karen Hughes Miller in his published article titled: The Blessings and Benefits of Using Guest Lecturers. His presentation goes thus: “As we face the perpetual challenge of keeping each class session fresh and interactive, I suggest we consider an old idea that never really got stale. Inviting guest lecturers to your classroom has benefits for your learners, for you, and for the guest lecturers. Learners of all ages and experience levels are hungry for variety, and seeing a new face in front of the room can liven up the class; but there are also deeper pedagogical reasons for using guest lecturers” Read more

Your guest lecturers may be colleagues from another institution  or from the same institution and practitioners  from learned societies with practical experience in the subject or successful graduates of the department  with track records in the society may be a source of motivation to the present students.


I will appreciate your comments and contributions, please.


Thank you.

Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching (CISLT)