Practical Thinking in Students

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I quite appreciate you for taking your time to regularly read our Weekly Tips.  We believe that adapting some of the innovations into our classrooms activities will instill the necessary practical thinking in our students.

Maryellen Weimer, in her published article titled “Finding a Place for Creative Assignments in Your Course", further asks this question: Can you teach students to be creative? I believe most of us would say 'no'. It’s more like trying to teach for it - encouraging it, promoting it, acknowledging when it happens, and rewarding it. Despite the difficulties associated with teaching creativity, teachers should not be excused from trying to cultivate its development. Or, is there a profession where creative thinking isn’t needed? Even the artisans and our local farmers are creative in their various fields! Better still, is there a problem that wouldn’t benefit from a creative solution? Then, the author of the referenced article asked the follow-up questions that are relevant to those of us in higher education: “Where will students get the opportunity to learn? And even practice creative thinking if it is not embedded throughout the curriculum?” Read More

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