Improving Student's Learning

Dear Content Contributor,

In the last episode, we emphasized on instilling the necessary “practical thinking” in our students in order to improve their intellectual ability. It is our responsibility as lecturers to set achievable goals of instructional standards when planning to teach our students.

Let us take a look into an article published by Maryellen Weimer titled: “Our Ongoing Quest to Improve Student Learning: High Standards and Realistic Expectations’. She had stated that “Teaching is such a challenge! Just when one thinks improvements are happening, the goal post of perfection moves further away. A bit like getting better headlights on one’s car: now you can see as far as the next corner, but the final destination remains out of sight!”. Read More

I believe that if such a strategy is integrated into our classroom experience, it will go a long way in facilitating our teaching and improving students’ learning experience in their various fields.

I think we need to constantly adjust  the learning outcomes and teaching methods of various subjects that we teach.

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Thank you.

Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching